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About Us

We provide comprehensive water treatment solutions.
Since our establishment, we have been conducting extensive business by treating water that meets varieties of needs as an all-embracing manufacturer in the field of water treatment. Based on the know-how we have accumulated and enhancement of our research center enabling new technologies, we bring our extensive knowledge base together to be a "solution company" that gives comprehensive suggestions and solutions to your problems.
Aquas is a solution to Legionella.
In some cases, people suffering from Legionnaires' disease die of it.
We conducted Legionella inspections in cooling water systems first among private enterprises and addressed anti-Legionella measures at an early stage.
We first developed special chemical agents and equipment for disinfecting Legionella genus bacteria in Japan. Until today, as a pioneer of anti-Legionella solutions, we keep on protecting your lives by providing safe water.
Working toward the harmony of environment, people, and industries
Working toward the harmony of environment, people, and industries.
Approaches to global issues such as environmental pollution and destruction are becoming more and more important because they directly threaten human lives.
We, Aquas, hold up and continue to carry the corporate philosophy of "A company aiming for the harmony between people and environment and contributing to the society with excellent techniques."
Environmental-friendly techniques - We go further on our research and development.
Our nationwide network
Our domestic network, linking branches and offices in 8 cities as well as 50 distributors and special agents in Japan, respond quickly to your needs.

■Company profile

Established October 1, 1958
Address 2-22-6, Senzoku, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0012, Japan
Capital 375,000,000 yen
Representative President Hideko Sato
Number of employees
(including group companies)
310 employees ※As of 2010

■Descriptions of business

■Service water treatment chemicals and equipment
■Environment-related equipment
■Boiler water treatment chemicals and equipment
■Cooling water treatment chemicals and equipment
■Elluent treatment chemicals and equipment
■Chemical cleaning agent and other chemical agents
■Spa water treatment chemicals and equipment  ■Analyses and technical services
■Solutions  ■Overseas businesses

■Environmental and quality management system certifications

ISO 9001 certification
Certification No. JQA-1664
Scope of certified activities
The following designs, development, and manufacturing
Boiler water treatment agent (Composite treatment chemicals for food product plants, condensed water treatment chemicals for food product plants, and scale inhibition and dispersion chemicals)
Cooling water treatment chemicals (Composite treatment chemicals, disinfectant, and anti-corrosive scale agents)
Cold and warm water treatment chemicals (anti-corrosive agent)
Designing, developing, manufacturing, installing, selling, maintaining, inspecting, repairing water softeners and cooling water controllers, and supplying parts.
ISO 14001 certification
Certification No. JQA-EM0583
Scope of certified activities
Manufacturing water treatment chemicals.
Analyzing water quality such as boiler water, cooling water, service water, and waste water.
Researching and developing water treatment chemicals and water treatment equipment.