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Our commitment to ISO environment and quality


1)AQUAS group's environmental philosophy

Our business purpose is "harmonizing people and environment with our excellent water treatment technology as well as contributing to future generations".
Based on it, each of us recognize that environmental conservation is an important issue common to all humankind and conserve the environment proactively in all aspects of our business activities.

2)History of our environmental activities

May, 1997 Established Aquas Group's Environmental Philosophy
Conducted company-wide basic research on environment
March, 1998 Published the environmental manual
April, 1999 Inaugurated the Environmental Management Committee (Tsukuba Plant)
Established the Environmental Policy of Tsukuba Plant
Started the Environmental Management Program for Stage I
November, 1999 Obtained ISO14001 certification (Tsukuba Plant)
April, 2002 Started the Environmental Management Program for Stage II
April, 2005 Started the Environmental Management Program for Stage III
November, 2005 Renewed ISO14001:2004 certification (Tsukuba Plant and Sekijo Plant)
August, 2007 Shifted 20% of electric power consumption to green electric power at our chemical product plant.
Details of ISO14001 certification
Certificate No. JQA-EM0583
Certified company AQUAS CORPORATION Tsukuba Research Laboratories
Scope of registration
Manufacture water treatment chemicals
Water quality analysis of boiler water, cooling water, process water, and waste water.
Researching and development of water treatment chemical and water treatment equipment.

Environmental policy

We have AQUAS CORPORATION Tsukuba Research Laboratories, AQUAS ENGINEERING CORPORATION Tsukuba Plant, and it’s Sekijo Plant. Our activities cover researching and developing water treatment chemicals, plants, and equipment, analyzing water quality, manufacturing chemicals, and conducting technical assistance under the rich natural environment with a fine view of Tsukuba Mountains.
We comply with the following items in all aspects of our activities.
  1. 1. We save resources and reduce waste.
  2. 2. We make efforts to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. 3. We provide environmentally-friendly products,technology, and services with customers.
  4. 4. We follow laws and ordinances, pacts, and other requirements agreed to by the organization.
  5. 5. We improve environmental management systems continuously.

April 2, 2012 Naoji Kanamaru, Executive Director

3)Adopting green power

We participate in the "Green Power Certification System" presented by Japan Natural Energy Company Limited. Electricity, generated by natural energy such as wind force and biomass, has values including "value of electricity itself" as well as energy conservation (fossil fuel reduction) and CO2 emission reduction.
This is called "environmentally added-value".

The scheme of using a "certificate" of "environmentally added-value", separated from "electricity", is the "Green Power Certification System". Using this system, through addition of "environmentally added-value" to the electricity supplied by an electric power company, you can interpret electricity consumed as green power generated by natural energy.

This means 20% of total power consumption in our water treatment chemicals production plant is covered by green power.
The website of Japan Natural Energy Company Limited http://www.natural-e.co.jp/index.html


1)Quality policy

In order to actualize the goal that "every employee is conscious of the importance of quality and manufacturing products that win customer satisfaction and trust" based on our business aim of "harmonizing people and environment with our excellent water treatment technology as well as contributing to future generations", we carry out our activities in accordance with the basic quality policies below
  1. 1. We reduce problems and complaints and improve customer satisfaction.
  2. 2. We enhance productivity and labor savings and promote cost reduction.
  3. 3. We develop and sell functional products to improve profit.
  4. 4. We reinforce development and purchase processes in order to secure product quality and cost reduction concurrently.
  5. 5. We improve the management of outsourced processes.
  6. 6. We manage chemical substances used for products and give consideration to quality and environment.
  7. 7. We define ability and skills required for employees and educate and train them so that they will be able to attain them.
  8. 8. We satisfy QMS requirements and constantly improve their validity.

April 2, 2012 Naoji Kanamaru, Executive Director

Details of ISO9001 certification
Scope of registration
Design / development / and manufacture the following products
Boiler water treatment chemicals (Multi effect boiler chemical for food industry, Condensate system corrosion inhibitor for food industry, Scale inhibiting and dispersant)
Cooling water treatment chemicals (Multi effect cooling water chemical, Biocide, Corrosion and scale inhibitor)
Cool and hot water treatment chemicals (Corrosion inhibitor)
Design / development / manufacture, installation, sales, field servicing and parts supply of water softener and cooling water control equipment.
Certified company AQUAS CORPORATION
Associated organization AQUAS ENGINEERING CORPORATION Purchase Department
Examining authority Japanese Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Certificate No. JQA-1664
Certification date ISO9002:1994 March 25, 1997
Revision date ISO9001:2008 March 25, 2010

2)Our quality control and Management system structure

We, Aquas Group, build effective quality control and management systems and offer products that provide customer satisfaction and trust.